About our project

What we build

eGoldAlchemists is an NFT project whose purpose is to build a set of tools and services that help users save time, monitor, analyze and make informed decisions on the Elrond Blockchain.

A one-stop subscription-based NFT Platform for managing workflows regarding selling, buying, holding and minting NFTs. The platform consists of five modules: four tools and one generic dashboard.





The holders of our NFTs will access our tools and services. You will be able to monitor, analyze and take data backed decisions on the NFT ecosystem.

Passive income

70% of the platform's future profits will be distributed to our holders.


Each alchemists is unique and programmatically generated from a multitude of traits, from race and clothing to objects and expressions.


We will make donations to certain charities decided by community vote.

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Ailwin the Duke
web developer

With React as his second language, his abilities to transform ideas into reality are legendary. He is a determined spirit with years of experience behind him, working on a great number of projects. He fearlessly jumps on every challenge not as a naive person but as a very skilled “battle tested” developer.

Zog the Iron-Handed
strategy & operations lead

With a strong background in managing and implementing projects, Zog is the perfect choice to organize and oversee the execution of our project. He is a strong strategic planner able to overcome any obstacles that may appear in our journey. For years he has been gaining knowledge and expertise on all aspects that may appear in a blockchain project.

Zelphar the Illuminated
marketing & analytics lead

A great marketer & data analysis expert. With his ears always wide open together with his sharp and agile mind he is able to foresee and figure out what people want ahead of time, noticing trends and adapting rapidly to them.